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I love chocolate. I love peanut butter. I love VitaTops. Obviously, I’m going to love the Fudgy PB flavor, right? Um, not exactly.

The Vitalicious product page gives us this delectable image.

A tempting PB treat...

I love how the chips are literally flying off the muffin.

In reality, we’ve got this:

A not so tempting reality.

The chips are all huddled together, like smokers trying to band against the frigid December air. They also have a strange, waxy sheen, which matches their texture. I pulled this one out of the freezer about 30 minutes before I snapped this photo. I don’t typically toast them, but I have been known to eat them frozen.

The texture of the Fudgy PB Vitatop is a wee bit grainer than the Deep Chocolate. It’s also a wee bit softer overall – not as firm. The chips are also a bit mushier than the ones in the Deep Chocolate variety. I have to say that I prefer these frozen over thawed. The cold distracts from some of the more negative aspects. Speaking of…

Unlike the Deep Chocolate flavor which is full-on chocolate bliss, the Fudgy PB chocolate cake has a very strange background flavor going on. At first, I couldn’t place it. But then I realized where I’d tasted that before: at a sushi bar. The cake has a seaweed-type flavor that is reminiscent of nori (those green paper-like sheets used to roll sushi). For me, this flavor was very distracting and not very pleasant. I’ve finally found something chocolate doesn’t go with: seaweed.

As for the chips, they definitely had a peanut butter flavor, but it was a kind of puny, meek peanut butter flavor, like someone watered down real peanut butter, mixed it with some sort of binding agent and poured the result into chip-shaped molds. Imagine chewing up some real peanut butter chips for about 2 minutes, then spitting that into ice cube trays to freeze. It was sort of like that. Only not as gross.

Sitstay’s Takeaway
As VitaTops go, these aren’t my favorite. The texture is too soft, and the chocolate and peanut butter flavors aren’t strong enough to mask whatever it is Vitalicious puts in their products to make them so ridiculously healthy. I would rather have a Deep Chocolate or Cran-Bran any day. But, if I had a chocolate/sweet craving (which happens often) and these were the only VitaTops around, I’d eat one before I’d grab something that wasn’t a VitaTop. The takeaway: if these were the last VitaTops on Earth, I would eat them.

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