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Have I mentioned that I love chocolate? Because I do. I’m also a fan of VitaTops, so a flavor called Triple Chocolate Chunk is obviously something that draws my interest. But will they taste as good I hope they will?

First things first…


The promise from Vitalicious:

The wrapped:

The unwrapped:

It looks little drier than the image in the picture. However, there is a definite variety of chocolate chunks – three, to be precise. The white ones seem to be retreating into the cake, as if they are drawn inward by some interior quicksand.

The cake is a little bit dry, but I managed to get a chocolate chunk in each bite, which helped moisten the cake. It’s really dense and fudgy. I like it. I really like it. It’s chocolate. Times three. What’s not to love?

I have one complaint, and it’s really petty. When the chips are scattered around the edges, I end up getting chocolate goo on my fingers each time I pick up the VitaTop to take a bite. It’s not that bad, since I end up licking the stuff off my fingers anyway, but still, it’s sort of messy.

The cake is the same dense chocolaty cake used in the Deep Chocolate VitaTops. It’s very chocolaty and rich, with no discernable aftertaste as in the Fudgy Peanut Butter Chip variety. Each of the three chocolate chunks also has their own flavor. The dark chip-shaped one is like semisweet chocolate. The light chip-shaped one is a mild, sweet white chocolate, and the chocolate chunk one is like milk chocolate. I really like the white chocolate ones and find myself wishing that there were nothing but white chocolate chips in this one. The triple chocolate chunk is definitely chocolaty – almost too chocolaty. Almost. I do think I’d like this one more with some fat-free Cool Whip dolloped on top.

Sitstay’s Takeaway
Overall, I like this one a lot. But, it’s really similar to the Deep Chocolate in taste and texture, and since those are available for cheap(er) at Costco, I’d just as soon stick with those. The Triple Chocolate Chunk isn’t worth going out of your way for if the Deep Chocolate is easier and cheaper to get. But, if Costco isn’t an option or is out of stock, and it’s the same price for these or the Deep Chocolate, I’d get these over the Deep Chocolate because the white chocolate chips are the yums. The takeaway:  A really good way to satisfy an intense chocolate craving.

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