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I have a sweet tooth that trends towards chocolate. I really, really, REALLY love all things chocolate, and that’s one of the reasons I was so unhealthy in the past. When I started to change my diet for the better, I knew I would have a problem if I couldn’t find a suitable outlet for my chocolate cravings. I found salvation in a Deep Chocolate VitaTop.


Here’s the promo picture of the Deep Chocolate VitaTop from the Vitalicious Web site:

The reality:

Here it is in its nakedness:

The Deep Chocolate VitaTop is definitely deep and dark. Like a chocolate black hole. It looks moist, dense and chocolaty. Everything a good snack should be :) While there’s an obvious congregation of chocolate chips on the edge, there are some noticeable ones in the center that indicate potential for chocolate chips in every bite.

Soft, yet not mushy. Dense, but not too dry. These are good right out of the freezer or thawed. I’ve not tried them warmed, but I have a feeling that would be good, too – dense chocolaty cake and melty chips… yum.

You always remember your first, and for me, it was this flavor. Therefore, this is the chocolate VitaTop by which all others are measured. There’s no weird seaweed aftertaste like in some flavors, which is a bonus. The chips are semi-sweet, so they build upon the already chocolaty flavor by adding a touch of bitterness, and some welcomed moisture. These are particularly good right out of the freezer – cut it in half crosswise and slather on some fat-free Cool Whip for a guilt-free dessert sandwich. Heck, these are so healthy you don’t even need to consider them dessert!

Sitstay’s Takeaway
These are easily my favorite VitaTop, for many reasons. First, they are really, really good. But what I love most is that I can get these at Costco for $9.99 per dozen. That is an INCREDIBLE deal. I’ve paid upwards of $6 for a box of four at times, so the Costco deal is like finding gold on the sidewalk. The takeaway: If you can get them at Costco, buy a truckload. You’ll be glad you did.

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