Sit. Stay. Cook.

Cook to live. Live to cook.

You’ve already met Jack and Coco (Mr. Plecopostamous is still too shy to allow for a photo), so now it’s time for you to meet two other members of our family.

This is Ralphie.


We got him eight years ago from an ad in the paper advertising kittens. We drove out to a bar and picked him out of a box under the counter. Ralphie is the perfect cat for someone who wants a cat, but doesn’t want to know they have a cat. That is, he’s aloof and is fine spending days – weeks – in another room as long as there’s and adequate amount of food and water available. However, if you want him to sit on your lap he will, it’s just that when you get up, he doesn’t care one way or another.

This is Grizwald. We call him Griz.


In November of 2009, we were walking through a mall and stopped by a store set up as an adoption center. In the last cage in the back was this guy. He’s about seven years old and loves nothing more than to snuggle and sleep on my keyboard. Just like he’s doing right now (okay, he’s just to the left of my keyboard). He’s wonderful. I don’t know what the first few years of his life were like, but we’ve got the pleasure of sharing the rest of it with him.

Both Ralphie and Griz are so dignified in those photos, aren’t they?

They’re not always so proper.

For example, Ralphie loves to do yoga in the hallway:

Kitty yoga.

And Griz likes to help with the laundry:

I should have checked my pockets.

They are both excellent family members. So helpful, these two.

Occasionally, they help out in the kitchen. Ralphie lets me know when birds are near the grill. Griz helps clear off the table by knocking stuff off with his tail.

I don’t know what we’d do without them.

What does this have to do with healthy living? Not much, I guess, other than I think part of my own mental well-being involves having one or two cats around. I don’t know if I could live in a house without at least one cat.

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