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Fruit-infused alcohol.

Alcohol-infused fruit.

Both sound delicious, and both are made possible with my chamber vac.

I described how to make watermelon tequila bites in a previous post. Those are delicious (and powerful – oh man!), but I wanted to try something a bit more tropical: Malibu rum and pineapple.

We love piña coladas. When we spent a week in Vegas for our wedding, we spent some good times by the hotel pool drinking piña coladas and soaking up the sun. While I love the flavor of piña coladas, I’m not a fan of the calories. Alcohol has enough calories on its own. So does fruit juice. Things start to get crazy when coconut milk and coconut cream are added. So we used our FF5k to create some martinis and fruit in the flavors we wanted, but cut out the creamy coconut additions.

It starts like this:

We put fresh pineapple chunks into a bag and poured on just enough Malibu rum to cover the fruit.

Then, the bag went into the FF5k and we compressed it for 40 seconds.

We chilled the compressed pineapple in the fridge for about 2 hours, then made martinis:

Frank dressed his up with some grenadine and a little ice:

Pretty, huh? Pretty delicious, too.

Next time, we will compress the fruit on high (for a full minute) because I think that will affect the texture more. We’ll also use 90 proof coconut rum instead of the weak Malibu stuff. Malibu is good, but the fruit needed a bit more… punch.