Sit. Stay. Cook.

Cook to live. Live to cook.

My first full day of actively participating in the KC Slimdown challenge has been a total success!

I started the day off right with 30 minutes on my bike and 40 pages of Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix.

When I got to work, I parked as far from the door as I could get so I got some extra steps in before I reached my desk.

For breakfast, I had a fiber-and-protein-packed English muffin and some blueberry Fiber One yogurt.

Last night, I made my Classic Stuffed Peppers, so I got to have one for lunch today. These are SO GOOD as leftovers. Make them and see what I mean.


I know. It doesn’t look much like a pepper. Trust me – it looked sufficiently peppery before I chopped it into edible bits. The drink is my current favorite: a double shot on ice with sugar-free vanilla syrup and a splash of fat-free milk. Delicious!

Once home, we started on dinner. Tonight was one of my all-time favorites: Pan-Seared Salmon with Honey-Balsamic Sauce and Buttery Herb Couscous. It sounds complicated, and the picture below may even make it look complicated, but this is seriously one of the easiest meals to make. Once all the pans are on, the dish comes together in 10 minutes.



Turns into this:


After dinner, Frank wanted frozen yogurt, so I went with him and had a sample cup (about 1.5 tablespoons) of carrot cake/cheesecake swirl. Perfect!

We got back home and I spent another 30 minutes with my bike and Harry Potter.

So I ate healthy, did an hour of cardio/muscle-building exercise and even had a bit of froyo. All in all, a good first day.

Day two, here I come!

Today, five of my friends/co-workers and I registered for the KC Slimdown Challenge, a city-wide weight-loss competition sponsored by Cerner. We set up our team on the competition website, then took a field trip to a YMCA and did our official weigh-in.

People from all over Kansas City are competing for the grand prize – an all-expenses paid trip to a resort in Arizona – and our workplace, UMKC, is also awarding prizes to teams made up of UMKC employees. Each person on our team has a good amount of weight to lose, but have been stuck at plateaus for a little while. We’re looking at this challenge as a way to motivate ourselves and each other to get to our goal weights, while hopefully earning some prizes along the way.

For the next 11 weeks, I will be completely committed to losing weight and helping my team do well in this challenge. It won’t be easy, but we have each other, so that will make it a bit better. Being accountable to someone other than myself tends to have a positive effect on my efforts.

I plan on using some, if not all, of the following strategies:

  • Logging all of my food and exercise into Weight Watchers
  • Working out each weekday morning for 30 minutes
  • Taking at least one extended walk per day
  • Using hand weights while watching TV in the evening
  • Limiting my alcohol intake – bye, bye martinis :(
I’m also going to make an effort to post as much as I can about my progress here because, as I mentioned above, accountability is key for me. With that in mind, I present to you today’s lunch:


That is a Lean Cuisine Tortilla Crusted Fish meal. I swear, it tasted better than it looked. It was pretty good, actually. Note the water in the background. I polished that off with lunch and am well into another one right now.

Dinner tonight will be my Classic Stuffed Peppers. I love this peppers recipe because the peppers are really large and filling, but they are low in points – only 7 per pepper! Serve them with some green beans, or a salad, and you have a very satisfying (and delicious) meal.

Send good thoughts my way as a start on this challenge. I’m confident that I will reach my goal, but that’s today. I need to keep this confidence up tomorrow, and the next day, and for 11 more weeks!